Excise tax refunds


Stephen Guy Kensington

Area: Otago
Type of Commercial Activity: Sheep and Beef Farm
Size of Farm: 360ha
First Refund: $1536.58

How was your experience dealing with FTB?
I found FTB a pleasure to deal with. Like most farmers I am busy on the farm all day so taking time out to do all those additional things I should be doing such as applying for a fuel tax refund is not always easy. Having FTB to do all the leg work and take the hassle out of it for me was a total no brainer. All I had to do was answer a few questions and wait for the money to come through. Now FTB even get my quarterly fuel purchase statements directly from my supplier and the refunds are through shortly after.

What did you do with your refund? 
With the money we got from our first big refund (money I would never have seen without FTB) we were able to upgrade our quad which now gives us further fuel savings.

Phil and Irene Hickford

Area: Wakefield
Type of Commercial Activity: Hazlenut Growing
Size of Farm: 1.7ha / 900 Trees
First Refund: $1798.42

How was your experience dealing with FTB?
I have used Fuel Tax Back's services for the past year or so. I grow and market Hazelnuts in the Tasman district and consequently income is tight. FTB pointed out ways I could reduce expenses/taxes and boost my income in legitimate ways.

The FTB Team is always there to answer my questions and give advice or assistance when needed. This service is very much appreciated.

What did you do with your refund? 
Put it back into the business.


Large International Golf Course

Area: Taupo
Type of Commercial Activity: Golf Course
Size of Farm: 183 Ha
First Refund: $15,570.68

How was your experience dealing with FTB?
We find your service excellent and are appreciative of the refunds. As the refunds are quite substantial it means we can keep our overheads down.

What did you do with your refund? 
Paid back into the business.


Dale Ross (Unity Lawns)

Area: New Plymouth
Type of Commercial Activity: Lawn Mowing / Garden Contractor
Number of Customers: 100
First Refund: $1,179.94

How was your experience dealing with FTB?
We have found FTB to be extremely efficient and competent with our Fuel Tax Back claims, they know their stuff! There is always someone at the end of the phone to answer our call, no recorded messages or lists of options to get to the person you need to speak with and all queries or questions are promptly dealt with. The people at FTB are friendly, easy to talk to and very helpful.

What did you do with your refund? 
We got our first refund just before Christmas 2014 so it came in very handy, everyone got an extra something in their Christmas stocking and there was plenty left over for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)